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Village Shop Delivers

Sunday 19 December 2010

Despite the snowy weather we have been having lately Keith and Patricia from the Kingston Village Shop have been able to get produce from most of their suppliers and have battled against the elements to deliver to your door.
With all the snow on the ground their normal mode of transport, four wheels, has not been as reliable as sled power so they have been loading up their company sledge with all the yummy goods that they have to offer and its not too late to make use of this excellent service.

Why not keep all snug and warm at home and let them do your shopping for you? A lot of people dont know that because of the Village Shops great relationship with local producers they get a great price on teh goods so they dont charge and extra for delivery. Better still its not too late to place an order with them. You simply visit their easy-to-use site and make your selection of fresh fruit and veg, fish, locally produced meats, cheeses and other dairy, dips, breads, home made cakes and other sweet treats.

The range of produce is great and we recommend you visit the Kingston Village Shop website and give this local enterprise a try. If you prefer you can always call them on 01273 471193.
Or, if you know what you want already, you can contact them direct by email.