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Catch of the Day - Fresh and on your Doorstep

Monday 07 February 2011

If you want the freshest fish and seafood produce for a delicious and healthy supper there is a man with a van with a fishy solution right on your doorstep. Tim at Catch of the Day does a regular delivery in Kingston and Lewes every Wednesday bringing the best of local treats from the sea and fresh water...

Tim has been delivering to our community for over 15 years and he gets his fish direct from Newhaven or Billingsgate in London depending on that days catch. Perhaps unsurpisingly he says his best sellers are "the good old favourites salmon and cod."

We have been getting our weekly fish delivered fresh to our door for over a year now and I can vouch for the freshness. We often find the quality better than what is on offer at the local supermarkets. Our son has a regular mid week dinner of fresh salmon fish fingers that takes just 5 minutes to make but he always looks forward to this nutricious treat.

Tim has a great range of local fish on offer in his van as well as produce from further afield as well as salmon and cod his range includes haddock, mackerel, skate, prawns and kippers. And if he doesnt have it on board he can usually get it in for you. All you need to do is ask.

If you would like Tim to knock on your door on his next round just call 01273 582637 or email Tim directly.