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Forecast – It’s going to be Brightening up in Kingston!

Wednesday 07 November 2012

About this time last year, the group which has been implementing the Village Action Plan planted around 1000 daffodils on the small area of land at the junction of the C6 and Well Green Lane, almost opposite the decaying bus shelter. We wouldn’t have been able to do this without the help of volunteers from the South Downs National Park. Then, in March, we put in several hundred snowdrops below the new hedge on The Green and other under the standard trees on St Pancras Green. These should come into flower in February. The daffodils will put on their show in March and April.

Wyevale were clearly very impressed by the display across the road from them as they gave us many hundreds more daffodil bulbs. The Parish Council then kindly agreed that these could be planted elsewhere in the village.

Places potentially suitable include the verges on the estate and those on Ashcombe Lane and Well Green Lane, including the banks at Gow’s Croft; the green at Snednore; and the areas either side of the right of way between the Church and the Juggs Way paddock.
Much of this land is owned by East Sussex County Council and the Steering Committee had first to seek permission for planting. Although it wasn’t strictly necessary, we also wanted approval from the residents most immediately affected. A phone call and then an e-mail to ESCC produced the hoped for result from the local authority within two days; a wonderful - and unexpectedly rapid - result. A letter was then delivered to every house in the first target area, Well Green Lane, early in October. Only a couple of people had reservations while two, very generously, offered to add their own donations of bulbs to those which Wyevale had given.

Finally, approximately 1500 bulbs were planted by volunteers from the village. All these were in the heart of the village, around the conjunction of The Street and Well Green Lane. With many people helping, the task only took a couple of mornings. We soon discovered, though, that even 1500 bulbs don’t go very far. A rough calculation suggests that we may need upwards of 30,000 over the next few years to make a good show in Well Green Lane alone. But we’ve made a start. I’ve written an admittedly somewhat grovelling letter to Wyevale to let them know how we’ve made use of their gift and hinting – well, more than hinting! – that further donations would be very welcome indeed. If any other villagers would like to add their contributions at any time, we’d love to hear from them.

- Steve Berry
on behalf of the Steering Committee of the Village Action Plan