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Kingston WI

Thursday 04 October 2012

Thirty-three members, plus one visitor, were present at the meeting held on 4th October. The President, Barbara Cunningham, gave tips on choosing a Resolution, and outlined the procedure, for it to be selected by the National Federation for 2014. She invited comment – both for and against – concerning the current practice, prompted by a Competition related to the speaker’s topic, of having an ‘Interest Table’. It was agreed without dissent to continue this. Members were asked to offer a ‘dish’, and possibly also a ‘duty’, on the Christmas Party roster that is being organised by Anna Phillips. The Secretary, Janice Barber, read out an appreciative letter of thanks from Lewes Priory Trust for the Institute’s contribution that was equivalent to a fee for September’s talk.

Speaker John Davey had pleasure returning to Kingston Village Hall after an interval of 50 years. He had been co-opted by Kingston Players to tread the boards in Terrence Rattigan’s play ‘The Browning Version’ in 1962! His talk for the evening was ‘English as she is Spoke’. Globally, 120 per 8000 have English as their first language. He suggested this is ‘the best of gifts’ that can be received by any new-born child. He postulated his own theory that the USA adopted English, above other languages spoken there, because of the transcontinental expedition to the west coast by Clark and Lewis. His talk was illustrated by numerous very amusing examples of Use – or Misuse – of English, involving the stress on a particular word, the position of a comma, or malapropisms.

October’s Interest Table featured ‘Dialects’. Exhibits illustrated the connection with Norfolk of some members! It produced a book with Foreword by Lynne Truss on the Sussex dialect. The ‘winning’ entry was Sue Wylde’s plate decorated with examples of the Yorkshire dialect.

- Joyce Taylor