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School Report - New Arrival

Wednesday 14 November 2012

First impressions count, or so we’re always told. Apparently, it takes people an average of 45 seconds to decide that they’re going to buy their house and I know that a lot of people comment on the calm, purposeful nature of the school within seconds of stepping through the front doors. However, with all the talk of ‘coasting schools’ these days, we didn’t want to be accused of complacency and so, over the last few months, the children and staff have been discussing a carving to be positioned at the font of the school. The idea first occurred to me when I was walking with my family one weekend and saw a carving in the nature reserve we were visiting. I contacted the artist, Janine Creaye, and she came to visit the school, meet the children, and discuss ideas.

The variety of themes and motifs that she managed to incorporate into the carving was extraordinary and it was a proud moment during half term when the carving arrived and was put into place at the front of the school. Huge thanks are due to Janine, who has been patience personified as I contacted her and suggested additions and alterations, and the final result has transformed the entrance to the school.

- Andrew Dobell