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New Year on Spring Barn Farm

Friday 04 January 2013

January isn’t the best time of year for British fruit, however, you can still get all those important nutrients to fight off the cold from the best seasonal veg. The humble carrot for instance, is full of beta- carotenes, vitamin A, minerals and anti-oxidants, and is one of the most reasonably priced veggies! Really good at this time of year, we love them as a side dish, pan roasted in olive oil with plenty of cracked black pepper, absolutely delicious! Also good is Savoy cabbage, steamed, it makes a great accompaniment to any hearty winter dish, but equally tasty stir-fried with chicken and cashew nuts. Lovely leeks can also stand proud, a bit naughty but we like ours in a cheese sauce, ideally Wookey Hole Cheddar, and a bit of wholegrain mustard. However, all this lovely British veg is very much weather dependent, at the time of writing the weather forecast predicted a very cold winter with temperatures set to drop. Not good for anybody trying to grow anything, so fingers crossed, otherwise prices will be set to rise and a tough time for British farmers, as with the potatoes and broccoli in the summer rain last year.

The shop is well stocked with winter fuel: we’ve got firelighters, boxes of kindling and bags of logs. Everything you need to get that fire going, and a lot more convenient than making the trip into Lewes. Our cats: Tiddles and Barney are extremely pleased at the prospect of evenings spent sleeping in front of the fire!

So, soon, Christmas will be over and it will be back to school kids, but not too long until February half term. Mums and Dads will be glad to hear we now have some patio heaters in Cocky’s indoor playbarn, so they can warm up whilst the kids enjoy the slides. We are also hoping to have a few early Spring lambs this year, so everyone can come and meet them in the half term. We are also very proud of our two new Geese, who are, as yet, to be named! They are very happy & settled in.

See you soon – Mike, Louise and Tom