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Proposed Email Alert Scheme

Monday 28 January 2013

Although we have a new editor for The Kingston News, and we can again look forward to regular village information via this medium, we believe we should have a quicker way to put out urgent messages.
Two recent examples come to mind… In the late autumn, we wanted to let everyone know about the planning application for the new Kingston-to-Lewes bike track and the only way to do this in a hurry was to organise a door-to-door mail drop. Then, just before Christmas, there were two break-ins, and a few of us were warned via email immediately after they had occurred, but it just happened that our email addresses were known to those who were aware of the incidents.

On the grounds that most villagers are probably on email, we propose that we implement an email alert scheme, based on cascading messages through two tiers of volunteer ‘distributors’. So, if someone had an urgent or important message they wanted to get out to the village that could not wait for the next newsletter, they would contact the first person in the cascade (distributor A). A would send the message via email to the next tier in the cascade (the B distributors). Each of the Bs would cover a small area of the village, meaning he or she would hold emails of people living in that area who wanted to be part of the scheme. Having received a message from A, all the Bs would then cascade the message out to their groups.
This scheme would reduce the workload for any one distributor and, by covering for one another’s absences, it should be viable most of the time. Understandably, some may be concerned about giving out their email addresses, even though the intention would be to use them ONLY to get urgent village messages out, and NOT for any other purpose. Data protection procedures would be strictly adhered to. We also recognise that not everyone has access to email. The three village notice boards would continue to be available for messages that cannot wait for the next newsletter, and word of mouth between neighbours and friends is still an option in such cases. We have managed to find volunteer distributors to cover the whole village – see the table above.

If you would like to be part of the scheme, please contact the person who covers your area of the village: confirm you wish to opt into the scheme, AND let them know your postal address (so we can later assess the take-up of the scheme across the village). If the table omits your part of the village, please advise Steve Berry.

Ashcombe Lane to include The Bumpy Lane, The Flints, and Kent Fields. Monkton Way to include Bramleys. The Street to include Barn Close. Wellgreen Lane to include Gows Croft, The Holdings, and Snednore. Kingston Road and Cranedown – to be resolved.
We propose that the scheme would be used for one-way communication only, i.e. as a means of sending messages OUT and not for receiving comments/queries/feedback. We propose to review the scheme in a few months, by which time we will know what percentage of households have opted in, and whether the scheme is likely to be useful or not.

Diana Arlett, Barrie Lambert, Katherine Mondon