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Mick the Milk

Monday 18 February 2013

Past and present customers of Dairy Crest and its many predecessors will have been shocked to hear that Mick Mayo was told, on 11 February and without previous warning, that he would be leaving his round at the end of the month.
He was offered another – Eastbourne and Horsham – but (as this is written) was inclined to turn this down. The dairy offered him no explanation for the move.

In the 35 years during which Mick has been delivering milk in Kingston, whatever the weather, he has become an integral part of the local community. He remembers people’s orders better than they do themselves, brings the milk into the houses – and fridges – for some elderly customers and keeps an eye out for those who are alone or vulnerable. He was profiled in 2010 in The Kingston News series “Village People”, and villagers recently raised more than £1000 in a special collection to show their appreciation for the tremendous service he had performed for Kingston over the years.

Those who wish to convey their views to the dairy about this shabby treatment of a loyal employee should write to:
Nigel Vincent, Operations Manager,
Dairy Crest,
Stansted Road,
Eastbourne, BN22 8LG
or e-mail
or call 01323 727343.
They may also of course consider whether they want to remain customers of a company that behaves in this manner.


** UPDATE 22nd Feb 2013 **

The following is a letter sent on 22nd February by Dairy Crest in reply to an enquiry from Tim Ambrose relating to Mick Mayo.
Hello Timothy
Thank you for your email that has been forwarded on to me expressing your concern regarding Mick Mayo. I would like to take this opportunity to answer your questions around the future of Mick Mayo
Mick is not being removed from his round at the end of the month or in the foreseeable future. As a business we have to look at rounds rationalisations and staff changes at all times to fit the business needs and requirements and to maintain the viability of our business and our employees and franchisees who work for our business.
We have to look at all options available to us but also consider our staff who are involved in the rationalisations. We did look at Mick's round but decided not to rationalise his round as this option was not right for the business or Mick.

Mick is a real asset to us and his service is commendable.

When I receive a copy of the Kingston News I will forward on to our head office and PR company who will answer any further questions around this matter.


Nigel Vincent
Operations Manager
Customer Direct - Eastbourne Depot