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Kingston Family Day

Friday 28 June 2013

St Pancras Green on Saturday 13th July 2013 

Kingston Pavilion and Kingston Parish Council are organising a fun day for everyone in the village. There are events for the whole family to enjoy together.

Please come along and join in.
If you feel you can spare some time to help with any event please contact

If you want to take part in any activities please read on. Space for some events is limited so its first come, first served.

TIMETABLE OF EVENTS - Saturday 13th July 2013

1.00     Downs Run start (register from 12.30)
2.30     Football/Tennis tournaments start
4.00     Children’s races
5.30     Junior Stoolball
5.30     Prize giving / BBQ lit
6.30     Piano Concert and Open Mike
7.30     Stoolball 
Treasure Hunt starts Sat 6th July

Unless noted below events are free to enter.

Treasure Hunt 
There's gold in them there hills!
From Sat 6th July 50 clues will be hidden all around the village.
Prizes on the day for the top three hunters.

We will be serving teas, cakes and light refreshments all afternoon from the pavilion as well as a beer tent next door. 

36th Annual Downland Race
Who will be the champion this year and claim the Downland Run trophy?
Race starts at 1pm  Please register from 12.30
Everyone is welcome to join the run which starts on St Pancras Green goes up to Kingston Ridge then left up to the top of the hill and back down. approx 1.75 miles.
Prizes for all winners in their categories.
Please note the course will be altered in poor weather.
There is a 50p admin fee to join the race for each adult (18+). Children are free. 

Football Tournament
Missing the premiership? Take part in this.
We are looking for 4 teams of 8 children (aged 12 and under), each team will have 1 adult to help organise (and play, but they are not allowed to score).
Please contact by July 7th if you would like to take part.

Tennis Tournament
Inspired by Wimbledon? Take part in our Adult and Junior (aged 13 and under) doubles matches.
We are looking for 12 pairs to take part. Please put your name on the sign up sheet on the tennis court notice board by July 7th. 

Children's/Family Races
Lots of old favourites in front of the pavilion. including sack race, obstacle courses and egg throwing, mums race, dads race...
Come along on the day to join in. 

Face Painting
Face painting organised by the Kingston Pre School. Get the latest craze painted on your visage.

There will be a junior stoolball game in the afternoon. We are looking for 2 teams of at least 10 children plus 1 Adult to help organise their team.
There is a trophy for the winning team.
Please contact by July 7th if you would like to take part.

BBQs will be fired up from 5.30pm for anyone who wants to cook their own supper and settle down for the evenings entertainment

Piano / Music Concert and Open Mike
After the success of the jubilee concert cries of 'encore' can still be heard echoing off the downs.
Local maestros will again play some of their favourite tunes on the piano.
There will also be the inaugural performance of Sound Explosion' a group of budding young musicians (aged 9-10).
This will be followed by an open mike session for anyone who wants to perform their party piece for the masses.