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Monday 09 December 2013

On Saturday 19th  October, people with apples gathered on the veranda of the Pavilion for the first village Apple Pressing. The rain decided to leave off and a stalwart crew of volunteers - Tim Ambrose, Clare Goslett, Jeanne Peterson, Rosemarie Jeffries, Beverley Wakeford-Brown and Dinah Morgan - assembled the kit loaned from Lewes Oktoberfest. The kitchen was stocked with home-made cakes and drinks and everything looked set for a great afternoon, when the first problem arose. The lid didn’t fit the press!  After much mucking about Tim, helped by the indomitable Nigel Scott, worked out a system of crushing the apples with a mixture of engineering skills and brute force. Off we went again, when a fuse blew and everything crunched to a stop. However, the resourceful Lionel Ward came to the rescue with his comprehensive selection of fuses and saved the day. Many apples were pressed.

Impressively, huge containers were filled by some for the production of cider, whilst others had picked apples from the street trees in the village. Demi-johns and plastic bottles alike were filled up with apple juices of all different colours and tastes. Altogether 100 litres of juice was pressed and £75.80 raised for donations to Lewes Oktoberfest and buying our own press. A lot of fun was had by all and thanks to the stars at the end who took away the apple remains (makes great compost or food for pigs!) and those who cleared up - you know who you are. Great team-work. Hopefully we can do it again next year!