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School Report - Boj!

Monday 07 April 2014

Over the last couple of years, I’ve written about quite a varied range of talents and accomplishments that our children have displayed but, I can confidently say, this is a first.  Three of our children have been working hard over the last twelve months recording the voices for some of the characters featured in a new CBeebies animation that will appear on our screens in May.

Boj is the name of the show, as well as the name of the main character.  Boj is a bilby and a bilby, as I’m sure everyone knows, is an endangered burrowing marsupial from the Australian outback.  In fact, bilbies have become an Easter mascot for Australians, many of whom celebrate with Easter bilbies instead of Easter bunnies.

In the show, Boj has relocated from the outback to the city with his mum and dad (played by Jason Donovan).  There, Boj makes new friends, in the form of a rabbit called Rupa Nibblit, a mouse called Mia Twitch, a goat called Gavin Bleat and a dog called Denzil Woof.  As you can probably imagine, the five friends get into a variety of scrapes, which they manage to resolve in ingenious and morally informative ways.  The voices for the characters are provided by Poppy Hodgson as Rupa Nibblit, Sophie Goldstein as Mia Twitch and Jack Gardner as Gavin Bleat.

Claire Underwood and David Hodgson, who double up as Poppy’s parents in their spare time, have been working on the programme for quite some time now and were delighted to be able to give some children from the school the opportunity to star in the show.  Claire and David, who run Pesky Productions, have had very successful careers in animation and are planning on sharing some of their successes at the school soon so that the children can see just how an animation is put together, get a sense of who is involved and what their roles are and ask questions about the show and the processes involved in creating it.

Andrew Dobell