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Family Day Treasure Hunt

Saturday 05 July 2014

As part of the Kingston Family Day festivities (July 12th) we have hidden all over the village 40 tokens like the example token shown.

All Tokens are within the area marked on the treasure map.

When you find a token write down its 3 letter code AND map grid reference on the form. 
For example St Pancras Church is at grid reference D8 so you would write ‘D8  XXX’.

Please leave the tokens where you found them for the next person to find.
Hand your forms in at the Pavilion by 5pm Saturday 12th July.

The top 3 treasure seekers will get a prize on Saturday.

Some printed maps will be available from noticeboards in the village but if you dont have a map already you can download the map here and print your own.

Good luck.